Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hi there, Earthlings!

So I've just started blogging which seems awesome. I must admit it's pretty complicated-ish. OMG,I haven't even introduced myself yet I'm already blabbering on about blogging. Let the games begin!

NAME: Georgie Taylor... Not telling the rest :P
OCCUPATION: Umm... I'm not even 16 yet.
AGE:12, going on 13
I LIVE: in England,London.
LIKES: Book, animals, English (the subject) and music.
DISLIKES: Loud noises, not reading, bananas, SCHOOL & most of all                      salmon! -_-
FAVOURITE BOOK: Catching fire/the second hunger games.
FAVOURITE SINGER: James Vincent Mcmorrow.
FAVOURITE BAND: Can't choose between Mumford and sons or Of   
Monsters And Men!
FAVOURITE COLOUR: Maybe eggshell blue. Google it if you don't know what shade it is!

I was inspired to create a blog by my awesome friend Hannah G, who's blog you can look at here - it's really interesting and stuff! 

Bye bye lovely viewers,


P.S. Gee is a nickname given to me by my friends!