Saturday, 19 January 2013

Make-up, don't worry I'm not obsessed!

Well, as a rule for myself,I don't wear much make-up. I really hate the disgusting amount of make-up girls but on their faces. I know a few girls who have really pretty nice skin (well, maybe, it's hard to tell!) but ruin it by covering it with 7 layers of foundation. One girl explained her make-up regime to me and it was shocking. I think it went something like this; 3 layers of powder foundation, blusher, bronzer and then liquid foundation. I tend to wear black eyeliner, mascara, concealer , eyebrow pencil (don't worry, I haven't shaved of my eyebrows then drawn them on. I just colour the very end in lightly.)and sometimes eyeshadow.

Oh, where would I be without my concealer! I use it  as often as time allows me, which isn't very often because I love sleep and hate school so it's hard to find a good time between the two. Apply lightly with a wet finger under the eye. Don't use it on blemishes as it dries out and leaves it flaky and hard to wipe off. M.A.C concealer is great but make sure you get it to suit your skin tone.

I love eyeshadows, particularly M.A.C ones. But be warned, M.A.C does not come cheaply.  £16.50 for just a small pot! But they are fabulous quality, and stay on for hours on end! I would suggest light browns for pale skins and dark brown for people with dark skin. If you have particularly dark skin such as African or South American skin go for strong colours that really show.

Black eyeliner is definitely my most valued  make-up piece. Even if I have no time, I refuse to go outside without black eyeliner on! I find it impossible to apply any sort of liquid eyeliner so I wear black pencil eyeliner underneath my eyes to bring them into focus. I have dark green eyes which stand out more when I wear eyeliner. Be careful when using it, too many times have I poked my eye with it!


  1. Babe, get some colour on your face! No, joking, this is really helpful. xx

    God, all those girls who heap on the stuff and who are (often) obsessed with their weight, TAKE OFF THE DAMN MAKEUP AND YOU'LL LOSE A STONE OR TWO!!!

    I love the background!

    Also, can you give me the link for Minnie's blog please? x


  2. Thank you so much hannah, yep i agree, some of THOSE girls could lose 7 pounds just by taking of their make up! xx

  3. Oh and I have no idea what minnie's blog URL is so you'll have to ask minnie! xxx