Friday, 15 February 2013

I'm lovin' it!

No, that was not a reference to McDonald's. And yes, here in Britain we do indeed have McDonald's. Anyway I'm here to talk about what I'm wearing. No I'm not. This is about what I want to where. BUT I CAN'T CAUSE I'M TOO DAMN BROKE. Well, I may or may not have £60 but I am not adventuring into my mum's bra draw to find out. Yes, my ingenious mother really did hide it there. But anyway, this is what your unfashionable soon-to-hopefully-be-fashionable blogger wants for her birthday... 
I've ordered this checked shirt from next. But it's not due for 2 weeks.  And it's a size six. And I'm less than a 4.Oh dear.

Omg. I love this skirt. It's sooo vintagey.  Well, so I think. But anyway, I NEED THIS SKIRT. It's only £11.99....

Is it me or does this seem cowboyish? Lovin' the print and shape of this  shirt.

well, this is a short post. Hmmm....

Monday, 11 February 2013

Let it snow, let snow, let snow.

Ok, I'm gonna be straight here. This blog is kinda a photography/random ranting/me just talking/fashion/stuff blog. Wow, that's a lot.Well, today in London it has been snowing. YAY! ^-^ Snow make me happy! Very,very happy. It was snowing in January but then it stopped. But now it's started again! Whoopie! Anyway, as you may already know, I'm in love with photography. It's an affair. Shhhh, don't tell my books... So, about 15 minute ago I took photos with my loveellyyyy canon camera. It's time I introduced you guys to Derek... Guess my fav.

This is Derek. He is called that because his programmer asked for a nickname so this is what I chose. Sorry for my wrinkly old hands...

Snow close-up...

Twig thingie. The white stuff is snow, if you haven't guessed!

A wet washing line. How fascinating.

Grassy stuff. God, I'm articulate.

 THIS PHOTO. I'M ONE PROUD MOTHER. THANK YOU DEREK. Don't worry my  cap locks isn't going crazy, just  me. It's snow by the way, not stars.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I'm terrible at blogging, aren't I?

I'm sorry I haven't been on for 6 billion years. I'm very forgetful, my brain just explodes sometimes and I forget everything. I thinks it's because I fill my brain with books and completely unnecessary facts about animals. And science facts. Yes, I'm a nerd and a bookworm and I have NO SHAME. NO SHAME. In fact, I believe that people should be proud of their inner geek. I'm a feminist, book-reading nerd and I WILL show off my fabulous book collection. And my kindle. Which my parents bought me because they got tired of buying me books. BOOKS. ajhasdjgdsfggfuyrgf. I LIKE BOOKS!

Can I just say something. Well, of course I can, this is my blog. But let's say you go onto the internet. Tumblr, Facebook maybe. And you find a fandom. You are destroyed. I'm not joking, have you seen those fangirls? For example, the Harry Potter fandom. ( I'm apart of it myself so no offense meant.) If you say one slightly negative thing about Snape, THEY RIP YOUR HEAD OFF AND SHOOT YOUR LIVER. But aside from that, Potterheads are very gentle and loving. Like hufflepuffs. Anyway, I'm really into photography so here's a few photos which I have taken on my camera! :) I LOVE MY CAMERA!
the only photo of me on my camera.
Rainbow boats on the river Thames.
Chrismassy baubles. :)
Dusty rose in my bedroom. Yes, it's fake.

Snow in London. AGES AGO.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Liebster award!

I got nominated for the liebster award by the (awesome) Hannah-g, check out her blog here! Hannah is a personal friend of mine and although I've only know her for a year (almost two) , I feel quite close to her. The liebster award is for blogs with under 200 followers. 

Ok, so here are the rules:

  • The nominee must link back to the nominator
  • If nominated, you must write 11 facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions 
  • You must make up 11 questions and nominate 11 other blogs!
11 random facts about me.
  1. I LOVE THE COUNTRYSIDE SO MUCH! But i live in London.
  2. I'm listening to Frank Ocean 'thinking about you right' now.
  3. I LOVE DANCING!!!!!
  4. I'm a bit fangirly, especially about Divergent or Hunger Games!
  5. I'm a total bookworm.
  6. I want to go to Iceland, according to my parents i'm going this October or something.
  7. I like snow. Alot.
  8. I use to play the euphonium, which is like a tuba only smaller.
  9. I'm a Erudite, Ravenclaw and my district is District 11.
  10. I'm quite flexible and can get my leg up very high.
  11. I'm really into photography. 
Questions I got from Hannah:
What fashion era gives you most inspiration?
Definitely the 1950's, I love that red lipstick, fancy dress kinda thing. I adore Marilyn Munroe's style.
  Back in time or to the future? Where would you go?
Back in time so I could punch myself in the face before I say something embarrassing!
Favourite song right now?
If I had a boat by James Vincent Mcmorrow.
Cats or dogs? Why?
DOGS. Duh, I'm not silly. WHY? Because dogs are (scientifically proven) a lot more sociable and friendlier and don't leave your house for 6 days, then come swaggering back in like you didn't lose sleep over whether your cat's dead or not.
If you could meet anyone in the world, who would you choose? Why?
My friend, Claudia, who is in New Zealand and may or may not be coming back. :(
Why did you start blogging?
Cause you did hannah! ;P
Who is your idol?
Don't really have one... Maybe Joy Williams out of the Civil wars cause she's awesome... And her baby is soooo cute!
Favourite colour?
Blue. Easy.
What's at the top of your wishlist?
 A pet tortoise, dinosaur, dog (that one's been there for years) and Babel CD by Mumford and sons. And a couple of books ( I won't name them all )
Favourite artwork? (painting, sculpture etc.) Why?
UURRMMM... Can I say my brothers artwork? He's almost ( damn, gotta get a present!) 21 and is really good.
If you could bring any fictional character to life who would it be? Why, and what would you do with them?
TOBIASSSSSSSSS! Out of Divergent 'cause he's awesome and I'd eat dauntless cake with him and then go and shoot a muffin off Marlene's head then eat more cake. :D

I don't really know any blogs so I can't really start doing questions or nominate anyone... Oh, well...

Saturday, 19 January 2013

A little bit of good ol' music!

As you might of guessed, I'm a huge fan of indie and folk. I also like some other genres but I'm not sure what they are called. My favourite of artists has to be ,Irish born, James Vincent Mcmorrow who is amazing. You might know him from the lovefilm advert, where the backing music is from his song 'higher love'. 'we are ghosts' featured in twilight breaking dawn part 2. He plays an acoustic guitar and has a high voice. He plays mostly folk, some indie music. My favourite song has to be 'Follow you down to the red oak tree' or 'higher love' or ' we don't eat' or 'if i had a boat'. I know that's alot but I seriously can't choose!!!

This is Higher love which is a cover of Steven Winwoods cover.

 Follow you down to the red oak tree actually gets me a bit emotional, which is unusual. It's just perfection.If I get married I need this to be played at my wedding! It's the best.

Civil Wars are next! They are just are amazing. It's a duet/band which includes Joy Williams and John Paul White. They both sing and John plays the acoustic guitar. They have done THE best the cover of billie jean you will hear. They play folk and americana. Joy was born in California and John was born in Alabama.

Yet again, the best cover of billie jean. No joke. THE BEST! CLICK ON THAT PLAY BUTTON NOW! So yeah, I quite like the song... 

Make-up, don't worry I'm not obsessed!

Well, as a rule for myself,I don't wear much make-up. I really hate the disgusting amount of make-up girls but on their faces. I know a few girls who have really pretty nice skin (well, maybe, it's hard to tell!) but ruin it by covering it with 7 layers of foundation. One girl explained her make-up regime to me and it was shocking. I think it went something like this; 3 layers of powder foundation, blusher, bronzer and then liquid foundation. I tend to wear black eyeliner, mascara, concealer , eyebrow pencil (don't worry, I haven't shaved of my eyebrows then drawn them on. I just colour the very end in lightly.)and sometimes eyeshadow.

Oh, where would I be without my concealer! I use it  as often as time allows me, which isn't very often because I love sleep and hate school so it's hard to find a good time between the two. Apply lightly with a wet finger under the eye. Don't use it on blemishes as it dries out and leaves it flaky and hard to wipe off. M.A.C concealer is great but make sure you get it to suit your skin tone.

I love eyeshadows, particularly M.A.C ones. But be warned, M.A.C does not come cheaply.  £16.50 for just a small pot! But they are fabulous quality, and stay on for hours on end! I would suggest light browns for pale skins and dark brown for people with dark skin. If you have particularly dark skin such as African or South American skin go for strong colours that really show.

Black eyeliner is definitely my most valued  make-up piece. Even if I have no time, I refuse to go outside without black eyeliner on! I find it impossible to apply any sort of liquid eyeliner so I wear black pencil eyeliner underneath my eyes to bring them into focus. I have dark green eyes which stand out more when I wear eyeliner. Be careful when using it, too many times have I poked my eye with it!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hi there, Earthlings!

So I've just started blogging which seems awesome. I must admit it's pretty complicated-ish. OMG,I haven't even introduced myself yet I'm already blabbering on about blogging. Let the games begin!

NAME: Georgie Taylor... Not telling the rest :P
OCCUPATION: Umm... I'm not even 16 yet.
AGE:12, going on 13
I LIVE: in England,London.
LIKES: Book, animals, English (the subject) and music.
DISLIKES: Loud noises, not reading, bananas, SCHOOL & most of all                      salmon! -_-
FAVOURITE BOOK: Catching fire/the second hunger games.
FAVOURITE SINGER: James Vincent Mcmorrow.
FAVOURITE BAND: Can't choose between Mumford and sons or Of   
Monsters And Men!
FAVOURITE COLOUR: Maybe eggshell blue. Google it if you don't know what shade it is!

I was inspired to create a blog by my awesome friend Hannah G, who's blog you can look at here - it's really interesting and stuff! 

Bye bye lovely viewers,


P.S. Gee is a nickname given to me by my friends!