Friday, 15 February 2013

I'm lovin' it!

No, that was not a reference to McDonald's. And yes, here in Britain we do indeed have McDonald's. Anyway I'm here to talk about what I'm wearing. No I'm not. This is about what I want to where. BUT I CAN'T CAUSE I'M TOO DAMN BROKE. Well, I may or may not have £60 but I am not adventuring into my mum's bra draw to find out. Yes, my ingenious mother really did hide it there. But anyway, this is what your unfashionable soon-to-hopefully-be-fashionable blogger wants for her birthday... 
I've ordered this checked shirt from next. But it's not due for 2 weeks.  And it's a size six. And I'm less than a 4.Oh dear.

Omg. I love this skirt. It's sooo vintagey.  Well, so I think. But anyway, I NEED THIS SKIRT. It's only £11.99....

Is it me or does this seem cowboyish? Lovin' the print and shape of this  shirt.

well, this is a short post. Hmmm....


  1. I really feel the same want so much clothes but i am so broke! im saving up for an iPad mini though got £10 yay!

    Jodhi xo

  2. Yep, way too many clothes in this world. And prices way too high. The iPad mini? How much is it? I have feeling it might be a little more than £10... Oh well, you'll get there in the end.