Monday, 11 February 2013

Let it snow, let snow, let snow.

Ok, I'm gonna be straight here. This blog is kinda a photography/random ranting/me just talking/fashion/stuff blog. Wow, that's a lot.Well, today in London it has been snowing. YAY! ^-^ Snow make me happy! Very,very happy. It was snowing in January but then it stopped. But now it's started again! Whoopie! Anyway, as you may already know, I'm in love with photography. It's an affair. Shhhh, don't tell my books... So, about 15 minute ago I took photos with my loveellyyyy canon camera. It's time I introduced you guys to Derek... Guess my fav.

This is Derek. He is called that because his programmer asked for a nickname so this is what I chose. Sorry for my wrinkly old hands...

Snow close-up...

Twig thingie. The white stuff is snow, if you haven't guessed!

A wet washing line. How fascinating.

Grassy stuff. God, I'm articulate.

 THIS PHOTO. I'M ONE PROUD MOTHER. THANK YOU DEREK. Don't worry my  cap locks isn't going crazy, just  me. It's snow by the way, not stars.

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